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I-CAR & AMA Group Announce Gold Class for Alexander Body Works Queensland


I-CAR Australia and AMA Group are pleased to announce that Alexander Body Works has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

Alexander Body Works is a leading example that OEM-focused body shops can achieve Gold Class recognition, tailored towards role-specific training for their OEM providers.

“Alexander Body Works has been involved in the Road to Gold program for the past three years due to its accreditation with BMW and the commitment of AMA Group management to Gold Class accreditation,” said Martin Dickinson, Area Manager – North Queensland at AMA Group.

“The group has worked closely with its suppliers and OEM partners to ensure maximum usage out of any training available.

“The team feels it is very valuable as new technology comes through at a rapid rate and completing these courses, the team stays engaged and up to date. The most rewarding is the training is personalised. The team also feel a great sense of achievement when they receive their Platinum certificates, and see their fellow workers become Platinum technicians. This gives us the motivation as a team to keep all team members fully up to date with the latest training available,” says Martin.

“We all know that we are now repairing large, drivable computers so it’s paramount that we supply our technicians with all the latest information so that they can repair them correctly and safely for both our customers and our employees,” commented Scott Donnelly, Technical Training, Prestige & OEM Manager at AMA Group.

Martin also talks about how “fortunate that we have people in our organisation who can map out specific training plans for the team as well as create opportunities to bring our apprentices up through the program, so they begin to understand the training process and it then becomes second nature for them.”

Congratulations to Alexander Bodyworks for achieving I-CAR Australia’s GOLD CLASS professional accreditation

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