What We Do

What We Do

AMA Group is the leader in the combined Australian and New Zealand collision industry providing a comprehensive range of services from collision repairs to parts and workshop consumables supply, and end-of-life vehicle recycling.

With a network of over 140 locations and a team of more than 3,200 skilled professionals, we specialise in repairing vehicles involved in light to high-severity collisions, catering to insured, private, and commercial customers. Our collision repair services cover everything from rapid repairs for drivable vehicles to complex repairs for higher-severity collisions, and prestige vehicle repairs.

In addition, we offer heavy vehicle repair services for the logistics, transport, and defence industries.

Our commitment extends beyond repairs, as we also operate a nationwide network of dismantling and parts and workshop consumables distribution.

With our extensive expertise, cutting-edge technology, and strong industry relationships, AMA Group keeps over 300,000 people and businesses on the road every year.

Collision Repair

We operate over 130 collision repair centres across Australia and New Zealand. The Collision Repair business unit provides a full range of services, from light-damage repairs to paintless dent removal and extensive restoration work. Our advanced equipment and tooling meets the latest automotive industry standards, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. We serve individual insured and private vehicle owners, fleets, and management companies. As a partner of major vehicle manufacturers and insurance providers, our technicians are trained on the latest technology to restore our customers’ vehicles back to its original standards.

We are committed to providing high-quality repairs on drivable and non-drivable vehicles, as well as specialist, OEM certified prestige repairers. Our success begins with our exceptional team of over handpicked professionals who bring extensive experience and training to our business.


Heavy Vehicle Repair

Our Heavy Vehicle Repair network is strategically located across Australia to support the logistics and transportation industries. Our dedicated heavy-vehicle repair specialists combine their expertise with ongoing investment in equipment, technology, and tooling.

From diagnostics and mechanical repairs to chassis straightening, panel beating and spray painting, we are committed to ensuring your heavy vehicles are in optimal operating condition. We understand the importance of minimising downtime and keeping your business on the road. With our industry-leading training, up-to-date repair techniques, and focus on quality, we provide comprehensive repair solutions that prioritise the safety, reliability, and longevity of your heavy vehicles.

Automotive Parts and Consumables

ACM Parts is AMA Group’s automotive parts and consumables supply business. ACM Parts is Australia’s largest provider of alternative and specialty parts to the automotive repair industry, keeping vehicles on Australian roads. They support better ways to repair vehicles by providing a choice of options to extend the life of a vehicle.

ACM provides customers with a comprehensive range of Reclaimed, Genuine, and Aftermarket parts along with paint & panel Consumables to suit your repair needs. They set the standard for service, product availability and quality assurance for the repair industry.

This unique and integrated model allows ACM Parts to control the supply chain of parts through ACM Parts dismantlers, demand tracking, and warehouse capabilities.

I-CAR Certification

At AMA Group, we prioritise the expertise and qualifications of our technicians. Our dedicated team members undergo continuous industry-leading training and have access to state-of-the-art equipment. We hold the highest OEM auto industry certifications, ensuring our technicians stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in the collision repair industry.

AMA Group has several sites which have achieved iCar Gold Class status, and over 100+ ICAR Platinum Technicians, and continues to add more technicians and sites to this prestigious list.

Fleet solutions

Get the job done with total peace of mind: The AMA Group network offers a wide range of repair services: from rapid repair of small to medium damage, to heavy damage; from prestige vehicles to trucks, buses, trailers and earthmovers.

The AMA Group Fleet Program comes with comprehensive warranties, capped price repair transparency, and extensive roadside assistance. With expert fleet solution processes and the technology to match, we provide a key-to-key solution for all your fleet needs.

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