Supporting the community

AMA Group Welfare Fund

Through the AMA Group Welfare Fund, we support the welfare of our employees and their families. The Welfare Fund delivers a tangible benefit to our employees who are facing financial hardship or unforeseen circumstances.

Supported by employee and AMA Group contributions, the Welfare Fund is accessible by all employees of the Group and their families in emergencies such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, medical emergencies, severe illnesses, or death.

Sponsorships and partnerships

A key pillar in AMA Group’s vision is community. Our goal is to be a positive force in every community in which our Team lives and works, by helping those communities to be more mobile, more resilient, and more sustainable. We want to empower individuals and teams all over our network to give back to their local communities. Our Team members will identify local causes that are meaningful to them and will play an active role in forging partnerships between those causes and AMA Group.

The Australian Collision Industry Alliance

We recognise that the collision repair industry needs to stand together to ensure the longevity of the industry, by

becoming a founding member of the Australian Collision Industry Alliance (The ACIA), whose purpose is to:

Provide rewarding futures for people and ensure sustainability of the motor vehicle collision repair industry;

  • Reposition motor vehicle collision repair as an attractive career choice and an industry of high social and commercial value;
  • Coordinate motor vehicle collision repair industry stakeholders to fund, innovate, develop and drive programs to attract, train and retain people for the industry; and
  • Increase the number, capability and longevity of people entering the motor vehicle collision repair industry.