Reflecting the community

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We are committed to building a diverse workforce that recognises and embraces differences, and provides a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all our people.

We recognise the benefits gained from having a workforce that reflects the communities that we work in, including attraction and retention of talent, improved engagement, increased productivity and access to broader perspectives and ideas.

We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to ensuring our processes and policies are inclusive for all, regardless of age, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

This includes ensuring we follow best practice recruitment processes which base key selection criteria on experience, merit, and competency for each role with a focus on gender equality

Recruitment practices

AMA Group is continually reviewing and updating our recruitment practices to attract a broader talent pool. We recognise that there are people from a wide variety of backgrounds with the desire and talents to contribute to our business. To that end, we have developed partnerships with groups and industry bodies to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds including people with disabilities, those who are socially disadvantaged, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and refugees.

Age diversity

Age diversity brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and enables skills to be taught organically. Our experienced tradespeople act as mentors to apprentices and new Team members.

Gender diversity

We are committed to improving the gender balance at all levels of the organisation and particularly in traditionally
male-dominated roles. We will continue to review ourpolicies and practices to ensure these are inclusive.

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