Extending the life of vehicles

Through vehicle repair, AMA Group contributes to waste reduction, as vehicles stay on the road longer instead of being replaced. We contribute by extending the vehicle’s useful life, even after significant collision damage, through manufacturer approved repair techniques.

AMA Group is committed to careful consideration and increase in “repairing” instead of “replacing” a greater proportion of components as part of its longer-term production systems. A part repaired is a part that is not required to be produced.

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Reclaiming and refurbishing parts from end-of-life vehicles

Through our ACM Parts business, we are actively involved in the return of components from end-of-life (written off) vehicles to the collision and mechanical repair industries.

Our ACM Parts dismantling operations also include separation of recyclable materials from true “scrap” in end-of-life vehicles, and focuses on safe, environmentally conscious reclamation and disposal of end-of-life vehicle products including fuel, oils, coolant, batteries, and air conditioner gas.

During FY23, ACM Parts continued to build our parts refurbishment program, where partially damaged parts are returned to replacement quality condition for resale. This program saw some 1,100 headlamps returned to the repair process, which would otherwise have become waste product.

ACM also continued to ramp up the use of recycled returnable packaging within its’s recycling and warehousing operations, with over 3,000 parts packed in recycled returnable packaging during FY23, in place of disposable packaging.

In FY23:



repairs completed




new and recycled parts used
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Production environmental efficiency

Through production techniques and facilities-based initiatives, AMA Group seeks to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. We have identified three key areas of focus which we can influence, and which will make a difference to our environmental impact.

  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Energy reduction (LED lighting)
  • Green energy (solar)

Water-based paint

AMA Group, partnering with our paint supplier, uses water-based paint technology throughout our vehicle repair network. The water-based product releases less organic solvents (<10%) into the atmosphere compared to solvent-based paint, which is a significant environmental benefit, as well as supporting the safety and wellbeing of our employees.

The product also provides optimal colour accuracy and ease of application, improving our efficiency, resulting in less overall product needed per job whilst delivering a high-end result.

Environmental compliance

AMA Group is dedicated to good corporate citizenship and is committed to ensuring compliance with all statutory and government requirements pertaining to environment and sustainability

Supporting new technologies

AMA Group is committed to supporting new technologies for the betterment of our environment, by ensuring our network is equipped for the repair of these new technologies. Electric vehicles currently account for a small, but growing number of the total cars on Australian and New Zealand roads. AMA Group’s Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla facilities, as well as our Eagle Farm and new Arundel facility are equipped with electric vehicle charging units. Our Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla accredited repair facilities are all equipped with dedicated electric vehicle isolation bays. Where approved by the OEM, technicians at these sites have undertaken specialised training for electric vehicle disconnection and reconnection by our OEM partners. Further, AMA Group has been rolling out electric vehicle awareness courses across the vehicle collision repair business units.

We will continue to ensure our technicians and facilities are equipped to support the ongoing evolution of cars on Australian and New Zealand roads to increasingly sustainable solutions and will continue to scale capacity in our operations to meet demand.

Climate change and regulation

We recognise that climate change, and associated policy changes and regulation will impact the Group. While the underlying operations of the business will continue to evolve to support the change in vehicle technology, the Group also  recognises that climate change, policy and regulation poses a business risk. This is reflected in the formal incorporation  of climate risk in the Group’s risk register. AMA Group has a commitment to further assess climate risk and develop relevant action plans in the future.

Environment & Sustainability Policy


We are committed to meeting our high standard of business excellence in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way through a formalised Environment & Sustainability Policy.

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