James Timuss

Over 25 years ago James started his career as a spray painter in Vancouver Canada. After his apprenticeship he decided to pursue his passion to travel, finding himself working for a paint Manufacturer in Australia. Here James met Andy Hopkins, and has been with Gemini since its inception.

In the early days at Gemini James worked in Operations. As time went on he assisted Andy Hopkins with the growth of the Business becoming involved in Acquisitions, New Greenfield Builds and Group Procurement.

James’s responsibilities are negotiating, seeking out, finalising and organising mergers and acquisitions, meeting with specialist to discuss technical products, researching potential client portfolios, forecasting business cases and building business-to-business partnerships with clients.

James’s competencies include financial management, market research, cost and price analysis, evaluation, acquisition planning research, contract administration, marketing and sales, problem solving, leadership, quality control, cultural awareness and technology trends.