Dave Calder

Over the last decade Dave played a critical role in the strategic development, growth, innovation and overall success of Fix Auto in the UK market, its standing as the leading country in the global organisation, and more recently joined the Executive Team at the AMA Group Panel Division.

He has 20+ Yrs experience of working within, growing, and leading teams and businesses in high growth environments to deliver optimal results in terms of outright performance, overall revenue and profitability growth, whilst ensuring maximum value for all stakeholders.

Specific areas of expertise are:

• Strategic Planning and Business Growth

• Change Leadership and Integration management

• Insurer & Client tenders, proposals and presentations

• Commercial & Contract Negotiations

• Financial Planning and P & L Management

• Supply Chain Tenders, integration and Management

• Inspiring People and Leading Teams

• Multi location Operations

• Client Relations

• Analytics and Trend analysis

• IT Innovation and Development

• Communications

• Conference Speaking

• Brand Identity & Strategic Growth