3 stocks that could drive your portfolio higher

Henry Ford, the man credited with mastering the benefits of the assembly line made a fortune from the automotive sector. Not only does his namesake still exist today, but he also still ranks amongst the world’s wealthiest people of all-time – adjusted for inflation, his wealth when he died in 1947 was approximately $188 billion!While the following companies may not make you the kind of wealth that Henry Ford accumulated from the automotive sector, they could well help drive your portfolio higher.AMA Group Ltd (ASX: AMA) provides investors with exposure to numerous auto sector markets, including panel crash repair, vehicle protection products such as bull bars, and the wholesale distribution of automotive accessories. The group reported a flat profit year-on-year in financial year (FY) 2014 of $8.7 million. With management confident that it can consolidate the panel crash repair industry, AMA could be set for solid growth in the coming years.Read more about AMA Group on Fool.com.au