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Backed by an expert team of auto electricians, Deering Autronics will diagnose and fix your problem with the professionalism and skills expected from one of the best in the business.Deering Autronics can also help with the fun stuff! From dual battery setups to rear vision camera systems, our dedicated auto electricians can install all types of automotive electrical equipment to enhance your driving experience.Roo System’s is the passion born from for all things 4WD Diesel Performance. Roo Systems pioneered Diesel Performance Chips and Exhaust upgrades in Australia. With an ambition to lead the industry and push new and developing technologies the team are focussed on the development of ECU Remapping. Roo systems are at the forefront of the ECU Flash Tuning industry in Australia.

FluidDrive was established over 50 years ago and is well-known and respected as a specialist in the automotive industry for building remanufactured transmissions Better Than New. FluidDrive supports a number of OEM companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia in supplying their dealerships with not only the latest model transmissions but models to suit vehicles dating back to the 1990's.

ASNU Transmission Products joined our FluidDrive business in April 2017, further boosting capacity and holistic product offering to the market. ASNU is Australia’s largest and most experienced remanufacturer and creator of standard and performance torque converters and has established itself as the market leader with an estimated 1 in 4 torque converters sold by ASNU each day in Australia. Now partnering with FluidDrive Australia’s largest OEM remanufacturer of Automatic transmissions.

ASNU’s factories in Brisbane, Sydney and within Fluiddrive in Melbourne are the best equipped in Australia with precision machinery, highly skilled technicians and the largest range of torque converter parts in stock anywhere in Australia, delivering reliable and dependable product across both OEM and aftermarket sectors of the market. In addition to High Performance Converters, Industrial Torque Converters and Marine Transmissions – ASNU’s technicians can help to design a custom converter specifically matched to your needs, whether high performance, heavy duty or any other specialised application.

KT Cable Accessories is a leading designer, importer and wholesale distributor of Automotive, Electrical & Industrial Wiring Accessories. KT Cables prides themselves on ‘Quality, Service & Innovation’ and has become a trusted supplier to thousands of customers across Australia, and Internationally. The business continues to expand by releasing innovative products to existing and new customers.

Alanco was established in 1987 and has grown to be a dominant supplier of Auto Electrical Parts. It is famous for Making Auto Electrics Easy by providing a better range, better service, simpler ordering and keeping promises. Alanco provides parts and solutions for the automotive repair trade, mining, industrial, transport and marine industries in Western Australia.

Dolium was established in the early 1980's and entered the automotive equipment industry in 1985.  The business continues under Australian ownership today.Initially as a manufacturer, then through a retail distribution network Dolium personnel have gained extensive experience in the 4WD and general automotive equipment markets.Working in conjunction with Australian and overseas manufacturers Dolium is continually developing new products.  Today we represent some of the leading world brands of specialist 4WD and related equipment.

The qest@ brand has been established following extensive experience throughout the automotive and industrial markets. The range has been developed to provide lighting solutions to the automotive workshop, mining, marine, electrical and DIY markets and designed to provide low heat and energy saving LED lights that are Rechargeable through 12V or 240V outlets.

We are excited to announce KT SOLAR.... KT's new and innovative range of Solar Panels & Solar Accessories, providing solutions for everyday people and everyday applications.Designed for boating, caravanning, trucking, golfing, camping, service vehicles and four wheel drive.  KT SOLAR has a range of innovative solutions to suit your needs, leisure or work.

East Coast Bullbars are the market leader of alloy frontal protection equipment for 4WD, SUV, Passenger and Light Commercial vehicles. Owning the enviable market position of "The World's Best Alloy Bullbars", products are supplied across all segments of private, government, fleet, transport and emergency services. These Australian manufactured products are also exported to numerous countries worldwide.